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You can add it to your shopping cart  just as any other product.

After checkout and purchase, you will receive an electronic receipt from us for you to redeem.  Please make sure that you click the redemption link in the email (don't forget to check your junk mail just in case). 

We then verify for you. 

When you log back into your account, you will see that your account has been credited for the amount of the gift certificate.  Now you can use it for yourself, or you can email it to someone else to use. In fact, you can send the entire amount to one person or send to multiple people up to the total amount of your gift certificate purchase.  So with one purchase, you can gift multiple people.

To email the gift certificate, just log into your account.  In the right sidebar, you will see your gift card credit.  Just click the button that says " Send gift certificate".  You then input the required information., including a gift message from you.

Your gift card recipient will receive an email with all the information.  All they have to do is click the redemption link in their email from you and they will be sent to our site to set up an account and order from  A perfect gift from you.

For more information, please click here visit our Gift Card FAQ.

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