Go USA Bar !


Feeling Patriotic ?   Well now you can celebrate the spirit the good ole USofA is made of with Chef Jay’s high protein snacks ! Chef Jay’s has out done itself with the High Protein USA Bar ,the ultimate in … read more »

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The Simple Things !

peanut butter banana

They say the simple things in life are the best and here at Chef Jay’s … we agree completely ! And one of those simple culinary pleasures is taking a fresh ripe banana and smothering it with a spoon full … read more »

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Doubly Delicious Chocolate !

double chocolate

What could possibly be better than a chocolate brownie ? How about a Double Decadence Chocolate Brownie. For all you chocolate lovers out there , Chef Jay’s has created the ultimate in Chocolate Brownies ! The Tri-o-plex Double Chocolate Decadence … read more »

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Two Chips are better than one!

peanut and chocolate chips

What would make a chocolate chip cookie even better ! Peanut Butter Chips ! Yes the age old recipe that has excited tasted buds for decades is now available in a high protein cookie available from Chef Jay’s. Peanut butter … read more »

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Caramel Butterscotch Torte…Guilt Free Decadence!


When you think of a torte , the first thing that comes to mind is sweet , rich and creamy , the very definition of …decadent ! Here at  Chef Jay’s kitchen we have taken two ingredients,  butterscotch and caramel … read more »

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